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What makes our gym great is our clients. Don't take our word for it read some of the testimonials!


Love the women’s fitness group!! Great workout!! My kids loved learning about jujitsu! Will definitely be our new spot!   

   - Candice J


F3 is full of great people who are very welcoming and friendly. It’s always a very good atmosphere to train in and the coaches/staff as well as students are extremely helpful and motivating. When I walk in I don’t feel like I am ever just going through the motions, I always get excited to go in and train and improve. If you share the same passion, I would recommend stopping by and checking out F3 Training Center.

   - Josh T 


My husband loves it here. He really enjoys the boxing program and is getting pretty good I must say.

    -Shawnna M 


Trained at the old location a year ago was reassigned to Bragg. Returned to train recently on leave to find they have a new location upon arrival the gym evoked memories of the staff both intelligent and humble. Creating an atmosphere for both new aspiring and seasoned veteran fighters. All ages are welcome here the experience is nothing shy of exceptional. With the coaches strive for excellence to achieve there trainees goals whether that be to live a healthier lifestyle, learn self defense, or become a professional fighter. Bring your friends wives husbands kids give them a month and you will be hooked price point is excellent $100 a month for Muay Thai from 6-7 and jiu jitsu from 7-8

    - Harless I 


Excellent training. Flexible hours for training. Wonderful group of women that mix exercising with fun. Individualized goals/plans. Meal plans with the option to purchase pre-prepared meals for a reasonable rate. Love it!

   -Sabra S


This gym has a flavor, unlike other gyms. They work from the inside out, it's a one-stop physical fitness shop, where you can find all types of physical activity. The coaches are phenomenal while supporting and attending to each of their client's needs. One of the best things about this gym is they don't just work you out and forget about you. They want to see you reach your personal goals, no matter what they are. Oh, and the family atmosphere is awesome.

   -Lexcy Y


Today I had the chance to do some cardio and I loved it!!!! Being a newbie I was nervous and had no clue what to do but everyone was helpful & motivating!!! I'll be back tomorrow.

   -Tracie D

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