About Us

F3 Training Center (Bad Apple MMA) offers Multifaceted training in Mixed Martial Arts, Women's Fitness, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing we also have a cardio and strength area where you can come in and get your pump whenever you feel the urge! We offer classes Monday through Sunday and even during non-class hours you can come in and break a sweat!  

            Jiu-Jitsu/Muay Thai/MMA 


Coach Joe is the head Mixed Martial Arts coach. He has had a passionate relationship with martial arts since he was a boy and matured into one of the Southeast regions elite Middleweight fighters. Possessing knowledge and expertise in Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, Dutch Style Striking, US Boxing, Achieving the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under world champion Rodrigo Poderoso De Souza (Prof. Poderoso's first American Black Belt) and Bellator MMA veteran; his experience professionalism and knack for fight plans and strategies will help develop anyone into a legitimate fighter and overall competitor. 

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Prof./Coach Joe
            Women's Fitness 


Bad Apple Women's Fitness takes the guess work out of diet and fitness and adds the fun! No matter the age, weight, or experience level we strive to give you the best training, dieting advice and community effort that can be offered.Our workouts burn fat, while exercises like planks, mountain climbers, and sit-ups work the abs and other core muscles.

Bicep curls and triceps kickbacks, push-ups and walking planks, use your body weight to

strengthen muscles.

Our programs include squats, lunges, and other leg exercises as well as several exercises for the glute muscles, including squats and lunges. We target every major muscle group in the body, including those in your back. This is a fitness program, not a sport. Coach Shayntain shows you how to safely do the moves and will adjust the program to fit your pace. 

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Coach Shayntain
            Belflowers Boxing 


Coach Donnie has been a part of the boxing scene since the age of 11 years old. A founding member of the classic Muscogee County Boxing Club he represented the brand and the United States Boxing  Association in Cuba and countless times in Madison Square Garden. At the age of 26 Donnie began his coaching career while still actively pursuing his own career.  Donnie’s experience and coaching abilities have been acknowledged and respected within the Georgia Boxing Association even then former (Georgia Amateur Boxing Association Vice President) Jack Cantrell stated, “Donnie’s boxing program best setup in Georgia” at the time. In 2008 Donnie began his journey into becoming an MMA striking coach converting   his classic boxing style to fit the needs of modern MMA. 

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Coach Donnie